Adam Pickard
Freelance Interdisciplinary Creative
/ Art Director

︎ Advertising, AI, TV, Print, UX/UI , Object Design, Info/Contact

M&M Food Market

Client: M&M Food Market | Role: CD/AD | Year: 2023 | Media Coverage: Strategy, The Message

Power of Prompts

I wanted to explore the Outpainting feature in the DALL·E 2 beta, and Eames's Powers of Ten popped into my mind. All 57 images were created using a text-to-image model to outpaint around the previous image and combined in After Effects.

Later on became part of a Collab with Kelli Anderson, where her previous project using Google image search to re-create the same Eames film was on one side of the Flipbook and mine on the other. Available to Purchase here.

Year: 2022


Client: Theo | Role: ACD/AD | Year: 2021