Adam Pickard
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/ Art Director

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Year: 2018

Tapback Reply

With all the features Apple continues to add to iMessage, like Animoji, Tapbacks, Send with effects, Camera Effects, etc. I'm not sure why we can't reply to individual messages yet.

Here is an example of how it could work.

Please copy this Apple. UPDATE: They did a version but I like my better.

Datalore Hackathon

In late January 2015, I was part of the Datalore Hackathon at the MIT Centre of Civic Media in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our group had the weekend to find a story using the FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System) Dataset. To see what we came up with watch the video above and go to for more information.

Role: Graphics, Video, Webdesign

Missed Connector used the iPhones geolocation to compare your recent locations with recent Craigslist Missed Connections and ranked them on the likelihood that the post could be you. It was a partnership between Evan Borgstrom and I and we ran it for three years.

Role: Idea / Design / Animation
Programing: Evan Borgstrom
Illustration: Melinda Josie
Joshua Van Tassel