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Power of Prompts

I wanted to explore the Outpainting feature in the DALL·E 2 beta, and Eames's Powers of Ten popped into my mind. All 57 images were created using a text-to-image model to outpaint around the previous image and combined in After Effects.

Later on became part of a Collab with Kelli Anderson, where her previous project using Google image search to re-create the same Eames film was on one side of the Flipbook and mine on the other. Available to Purchase here.

Year: 2022


Client: Theo | Role: ACD/AD | Year: 2021 


The idea for this came from the description of RunwayML's own software, "bringing the power of AI to your creative projects." Making their Brand Identity using their own software would only make sense. Each letter was a separate GAN trained on a combined 15,862 different letters. The resulting logotype would be the first never to look the same twice.

In early 2020, the original concept was presented, and I was given the compute power necessary to make it. Ultimately, they didn't end up using it, but I remain proud of it.

Client: Runway | Role: Designer | Year: 2020 

Machine Learning Explorations (2019-present)

Check out my article on Medium:

Advancements in Machine Learning Assisted Ideation. (2020)